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   Department   Matsuyama University  Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics
   Position   Professor
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Research Field (Keyword)
Ecoomic statistics, Sociology 
Membership of Professional Organizations
1. 2013/03~ The Japan Sociological Society
2. 2021/05~ Sociological Society of West Japan
1. 2023/02 Article Changes in Annual Paid Vacation Behavior during the COVID-19 Pandemic (Single) 
2. 2022/03 Article Reasons to Work in the Sex Industry during the Coronavirus Pandemic:The Untold Narratives of Women Working in the Sex Industry (Single) 
3. 2011/10 Article Goal Oriented Rational Behavior on Paid Holidays for Female Workers: Empirical Analysis of Influence to Income by Using Paid Holidays (Single) 
4. 2021/03 Article Analysis of the Ratchet Effect on Total Factor Productivity in Japanese Agriculture (Collaboration) 
5. 2021/01 Article Recovery of steel manufacturers in Urayasu, an area stricken by the Great East Japan Earthquake (Collaboration) 
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