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  YAMADA Tomiaki
   Department   Matsuyama University  Department of Sociology, Faculty of Humanities
   Position   Professor
Educational Background
1. 1978/04~1983/03 〔Doctoral course〕 sociology, Graduate School of Leterature, Tohoku University, Accomplished credits for doctoral program
2. 2001/09/26
Degree Acquisition
Tohoku University, Ph.D.
Lectures (Lessons)
Syllabus Link
1. 2015/03 Article The Appropriation and Representation of Visual Images of the Subjects of Social Problem (Single) 
2. 2011/03 Book An Aporia of the Ethnographic Fieldwork (Single) 
3. 2009/12 Article Bridging the Gap between Interview and Fieldwork: the Need for an Ethnographic Contextualization of the Interview (Single) 
4. 2009/12 Other Gender is not a dichotomic concept of men and women (Collaboration) 
5. 2009/03 Other The turning point of Hemophilia from the intractable disease to the manageable chronic illness; the experience of the incident of HIV infected blood product in Japan (Collaboration) 
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