Department   Matsuyama University  Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Business Administration
   Position   Professor
Language English
Publication Date 2012/11
Title Analysis about the Development of Mobile Electronic Commerce – An Application of Production Possibility Frontier Model –
Contribution Type
Journal Proc. of "The 19th ITS Biennial Conference 2012, November 18-21, 2012."
Author and coauthor Uesugi, Shiro and Okada, Hitoshi
Details This study aims to further develop our previous research on Production Possibility Frontier Model (PPFM). An application of model to provide analysis on the mobile commerce survey for which data was collected in Japan and Thailand is presented. PPFM looks into the consumer behaviors as the results from the perception on the relationship between “Convenience” and “Privacy Concerns” of certain electronic commerce services. From the data of consumer surveys, PPFM is expected to provide practical solution for service providers by offering useful information about what levels of trade-offs between “Convenience” and “Privacy Concerns” the service should be attained. This study provides a finding that the survey data seem to draw the oath of technology innovation PPFM.