Department   Matsuyama University  Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Business Administration
   Position   Professor
Language English
Publication Date 2009/08
Peer Review With peer review
Title Application of Production Possibility Frontier Model to IT-enabled Services
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Journal Proc. of The ITS Asia-Africa-Austrasia Regional Conference 2009 (Aug.16-18,Perth)
Author and coauthor Yuya DAN, Hitoshi OKADA
Details データ保存のためページ数なし We have been trying to develop a function which is introduced from Production Possibility Frontier Model (PPFM) aiming to use it as a diagnostic tool which can test the feasibility of a business model of e-Business. AHP and ANP are often used for the same purpose but they require a lot of parameters and samples. In order to make quick and simple analysis, we proposed to use PPFM specifically designed to deal with users “Privacy” aspects towards IT-enabled Services (ITeS).
When a new business model for ITeS is introduced, there is a certain level of trade off between “Usability” and “Privacy.” The relation between the two can be described by PPFM. We supposed Derivative Functions which can be easier to calculate than AHP and/or ANP hence easier to use in order to forecast the diffusion of the service in the market.
This paper discusses further development of the function which are adapted to the analysis of business models in ITeS both from theoretical point of views and a case analysis in the use of RFID in e-Money applications.